The Board's Role

The Board is the group that leads TMAC and is the backbone of our collaborative work, setting its strategic direction and synthesizing input from the community into its programming. While we rely on trust and mutual accountability in service of the welfare and goals of the organization, we also believe that documenting our policies and procedures in this manual will ensure that the collaborative process will serve TMAC well into the future.

The role of the board is to enable the organization to carry out its mandate, which, in part, is to:

  • Provide performances and exhibitions of an artistic nature in premises to be maintained and operated by TMAC

  • Provide instructional seminars, conferences and workshops on topics relating to the arts exhibited and performed at the premises

  • Make available to the public visual arts, media arts, film/video and electronic/digital arts.

  • Provide affordable, long-term rental, gallery, production and exhibition space to non-profit arts organizations

In order to carry out this mandate, the Board will:

  • Manage and maintain the facility

  • Provide administrative support to Members

  • Be wholly responsible for costs specific to the TMAC facility, without passing them through to Members:

    • Operating costs including facility staffing and materials, administration, repairs and maintenance, utilities costs for common spaces, contract services for the organization, cinema operation, common area costs beyond Member contributions

    • Property taxes

    • Mortgage repayment

    • Capital reserve

  • Actively build collaborative relationships with each of its Member organizations to support the delivery of joint programming

  • Form a Joint Planning Committee that will work to:

    • Align collaborators’ programs, funding, resources, and efforts around common goals

    • Make recommendations to the Board on operational, planning, programming and resource issues

  • Hire and manage staff including an artistic director and an executive director, reporting to and carrying out the decisions of the Board

  • Empower executive staff to hire and manage staff and contractors, including facility manager, accountant/bookkeeper, legal, security, theatre technician, AV specialist, event director, etc.

  • Establish an infrastructure to monitor and evaluate programming and Member and community outcomes

  • Articulate TMAC’s vision, values, and principles

  • Write and regularly evaluate governing policies, including this document and the Bylaws

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