Role of the President

According to Section 51 in TMAC’s Bylaws:

Unless another person is authorized by the meeting, the president, when present, chairs all meetings of the Members of the Corporation and of the Board. The president, with the secretary or other officer appointed by the Board to do so, will sign all by laws and any membership certificates. The president shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.

The President is responsible for the effective governance of the organization and is accountable to the membership for the performance of the Corporation.

The duties of the President are to:

  • Chair the meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee, be knowledgeable about the agenda items before the Board and be prepared to take part in the deliberations of the Board

  • Arrange for the Vice Chair/President to chair in the meeting if required

  • Chair the Annual General Meeting and any other general member meetings that may be called

  • Provide oversight of the work of the corporation on behalf of the Board, handle any personnel issues that may arise between Members of the Board or as a result of non-performance of duties by a Director or conflict of interest situations handle member complaints arising out of the actions of the staff or volunteers

  • The responsibilities of the President may be changed from time to time, and flow from Board policies on governance.

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