Conflict of Interest Policy

The Board of Directors is responsible to the members of the Corporation and acts in their interests at all times. Directors must represent un-conflicted loyalty to the interests of the corporation. This accountability supersedes loyalty to any other organization, interest group, board or staff. It also supersedes the personal interest of any director acting as a consumer or participant in the activities of TMAC.

  • There must be no self-serving conduct of personal business between any Board member and TMAC in order to ensure openness, competitive opportunity and equal access of information

  • Directors must not use their position to obtain employment for themselves, family members or close associates

  • Staff and non-Board Committee volunteers will act in accordance with the spirit and intent of the policy

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Directors in a decision-making role should make known their connections with groups or individuals doing business with TMAC.

While this can be done annually as part of a review, it should happen at any point when a Director recognizes that the potential for conflict exists.

Directors who have an actual or potential conflict of interest will not participate in any vote or decision-making on matters affecting the organization, and the possible source of conflict. The Board will determine what, if any, contribution the Director can make to the discussion leading to a decision.

Directors will sign off annually on identified conflicts, and the record will be kept with the minutes.

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