Board Meetings

According to Section 34 of the TMAC Bylaws:

Meetings of the Board may be held at any time and place to be determined by the Directors provided that 48 hours written notice of such meeting shall be given personally, or transmitted by facsimile or electronic mail, to each Director, or, if by mail, at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

Board meetings will be held monthly (or more or less frequently as determined by the Directors, but at any rate on a regular and scheduled basis) and conducted to carry out the business of the Board. The purpose of the meeting shall be expressed in its agenda.

A meeting agenda, prepared by the Chair or Secretary and circulated prior to the start of the meeting, will establish issues to be addressed.


A majority of the votes cast by the Directors shall determine the motions in meeting. If there is a tie, then the majority requirement is not met and the vote cannot pass. Minutes recorded at the Board meeting, and subsequently approved as written by the Board at the next meeting, will be the official record of the Board’s transactions and plans.

Annual Planning Session

The Board will also hold an annual planning meeting, at which the Board will review and establish an updated three-year plan and an annual business plan. The plans will:

  • Determine what the Board intends to accomplish for the coming year

  • Articulate the Board’s planning accomplishments as realistic, concrete, and meaningful outcomes

  • Adopt or update an appropriate strategic plan for achieving the outcomes

  • Identify appropriate timelines for the accomplishments of the plan

  • Establish a schedule for, and the means of, evaluating the performance of the Board

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