HR Policy

As TMAC is committed to being an exemplary employer, the Executive Director will ensure that the human resource practices of the organization adhere to the principles of fairness and respect, and that TMAC abides by all laws and government regulations. More specifically, the Executive Director will be accountable for the development of detailed policies and procedures that ensure that:

  • Recruitment and hiring practices are open, thorough and fair

  • At a minimum, the requirements of the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code, Minimum Wage and Occupational Health and Safety Acts are respected

  • All employees have job descriptions and that these are regularly reviewed

  • Personnel records are treated as confidential and that appropriate restrictions are in place regarding their use and who has access to them

  • Human resource policies and procedures are provided to all staff

  • Every staff member is formally evaluated on an annual basis, that the evaluation criteria are in line with best practices in other organizations, and that they are known by all employees

  • Employees are recognized for excellent performance

  • Every employee is entitled to a specified amount of time off with pay in the event of sickness, a death in their immediate family, medical appointment and unexpected family obligations

  • There is a formal grievance or conflict resolution procedure in place for staff that involves the Board as the final arbitrator

  • TMAC will strive for diversity in its employment practices with respect to race, culture and disability

  • Staff have professional development opportunities made available to them and that an annual training plan is prepared and implemented with the resources available

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